Fresh edible snails, known as escargot of exceptional quality & taste available throughout the year.

We only supply fresh escargot prepared to order and despatched the same day

Welcome to Dorset Snails, the place to buy snails online. Dorset Snails is a family run business, located in the beautiful village of Witchampton in Dorset. We started snail farming in 2006 with one intention, to farm and supply the tastiest, freshest snails to eat in the UK. We supply a range of eateries that include country pubs, hotels and Michelin star restaurants.

Due to the UK's cool climate our farming method is indoor, allowing temperature and humidity to be fully controlled. This means we can obtain eggs from our breeder snails on a more regular basis, having a new batch of escargot ready for our customers every week throughout the year. To ensure the finest quality, our snails are cleansed over a course of five days to free them from impurities. We send them to our customers blanched, arriving in the chefs' kitchens the next day.

In 2012 we expanded our operation and opened a separate escargot preparation unit

As we expanded our operation it became necessary for us to become an approved business with the Foods Standards Agency. This was a lengthy procedure but very worthwhile as it assures our customers of quality and biological security.
Established in 2006, Dorset Snails sell to a wide variety of customers that include Michelin star restaurants and 5 star hotels
Supplying to the catering trade
and also the general public
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Indoor farmed, herb fed snails
for exceptional quality and taste
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Regular biological testing
by an independent laboratory
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